EXMFE simulator

ExMFE simulator is a practical testing tool for simulating all types of input signals for input panels ExMFE4 and ExMFE5 from the series of gas-network devices. It consists of a practical housing with panel connectors on one side, as well as installation and connection devices on the other side. The ExMFE simulator is directly connected to the input board of the gas-net device under test. The ExMFE simulator can be adapted to any type of input board using an adapter.
No additional accessories are required in stand-alone mode; the output signals are set directly by rotary potentiometers and switches on the simulator.
Setting values using a computer program is even more convenient: in this mode, the simulator is connected to a computer via USB.

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The following input signals can be simulated:

  • Pulses from 0 to 4000 Hz (Namur interface)
  • Encoder protocol
  • Digital inputs
  • Pressure from 4 to 20 mA
  • Temperature sensor type PT-100
  • Up to 4 HART transmitters