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Honeywell expert assessments include audits to assess the health, reliability, safety, and performance of automation devices in plants or plants. These services include installed basic systems and software, process control and system performance, alarm comparison practices and security, site security and efficiency. Honeywell also offers engineering studies that help customers align operational and business objectives with project objectives to maximize the value of the automation system and improve return on investment throughout the plant life cycle.

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In addition to its leading-edge technology, Honeywell offers services to optimize performance and efficiency at all stages of the automation lifecycle. Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the process industry, it helps customers protect their automation investments with one of the largest global service and support organizations in the industry. Whether the business requires regular scheduled maintenance, regulatory compliance, long-term product support, or technology upgrades, Honeywell offers flexible maintenance and support plans, software and hardware upgrades, and access to on-site and remote technical experts.

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Industrial cybersecurity solutions are supplier-neutral for process control systems that address the risks arising from changes in business imperatives, technology implementation, and customer expectations. Based on the phases of the industrial IT life cycle, the solutions are aimed at providing a critical user infrastructure and help reduce the impact on local resources and provide increased peace of mind.

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Honeywell’s OneWireless services ensure that a critical wireless network and its wireless components continue to work with their superior performance. Its local support, along with its rich global industry experience, provides the necessary support to maintain and improve wireless systems. Honeywell experts are ready to respond and maintain and run wireless systems at the highest level of performance.

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Honeywell provides support services for quality control systems (QCS) that help customers maximize the benefits of process improvement, including fewer quality-related losses, less degraded product, and increased production efficiency. It offers a unique support contract that ensures that beneficiaries effectively achieve their asset management goals. More importantly, customers gain access to Honeywell experts, who are uniquely equipped to provide superior diagnostics, solutions and ongoing support. Their rigorous training and certification for specific Honeywell equipment and controls make them valuable support resources for solving all critical process problems.

Requirements for process efficiency, reliability and product quality, together with hazardous work environments, continue to push process industries to their competitive limits. For this reason, manufacturers continue to look for new solutions for operational excellence and remain good citizens when it comes to the safety and reliability of their plants. Honeywell provides a comprehensive set of security system services, including expert support, training and assessments to ensure improved uptime and productivity, while helping customers avoid compliance issues.

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