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Honeywell offers a complete solution for automation of alternative fuel plants. Thanks to a partnership with PSC, Honeywell has close knowledge of process technologies, including catalytic cracking, hydrocracking and hydrotreating, while market leadership in chemicals and life sciences provides expertise in dehydration, fermentation and distillation. Honeywell can deliver automation solutions optimized for these process technologies to deliver operational readiness, efficiency and reliability to customers worldwide. In addition, Honeywell has a unique model for bringing new plants to full production faster.




Honeywell’s chemical solutions add value to the process plant by improving business performance and driving safety, reliability and efficiency. In particular, they help improve flow and availability, reduce energy consumption, lower raw material costs, reduce incidents, and maintain and increase staff productivity. From petrochemicals and plastics to fertilizers and specialty chemicals, the solutions optimize return on investment and reduce delivery times, while protecting technology investments.



Plastics, fibers and flat sheets


Honeywell is a major international supplier to the marine, coastal and inland waterway markets. From a single sensor to a complete automation system, the company offers the most reliable technology for each specific application. Honeywell focuses on ship automation, meeting the specific needs of the maritime business with a global team of experts and lifelong experience.

River tankers and barges

Honeywell is a leading supplier of automation solutions for mining, minerals and metals (MMM), with a worldwide presence and extensive application experience. Honeywell automation solutions help control operations for a wide range of metals and minerals. From concentration to melting and refining, from blast furnaces to digestion, Honeywell has a solution to meet all control needs while significantly increasing business value.




Honeywell’s oil and gas solutions deliver outstanding results and solve many challenges. Through its instrumentation, automation and advanced solutions, Honeywell helps to achieve a high level of reliability, flexibility, efficiency and safety. Honeywell typically delivers such results as: Reduced cost of ownership, Reduced production delays, Reduced operating costs, Increased production flow, and Improved regulatory compliance.

Oil and gas

Honeywell Process Solutions has more than four decades of experience in providing state-of-the-art control systems and services to power plants in more than 50 countries. Honeywell control systems ensure reliable and efficient operation of power plants, cogeneration, clean energy and industrial energy worldwide. For the power generation industry, Honeywell is a complete supplier of control systems, security systems, field solutions, advanced applications, project engineering, construction and building, project management and installation, commissioning and commissioning services.


Honeywell provides automation and advanced solutions for individual areas of pulp and paper processing. We provide coordinated process optimization, allowing you to take advantage of enterprise-wide decision-making to achieve overall mill efficiency. Production, quality and process control, machine logic and drive control are integrated and work together to maximize performance. In addition, our solutions improve security, environmental compliance, energy efficiency, cyber and physical security, as well as asset and lifecycle management. Integrating these milling systems ensures that better and more targeted information reaches key decision makers.

Honeywell offers the pulp and paper industry a fully integrated portfolio, along with experienced professionals who help design, implement, service and optimize your business.


Printing and printing


Honeywell’s refining solutions help refineries achieve their production goals, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and make better use of their resources, while complying with growing regulatory and safety requirements. Honeywell’s solutions are focused on:
  • Optimization of operational performance and efficiency using advanced control and automation.
  • Improving the safety of people, processes and equipment.
  • Reducing inventory needs through improved planning and scheduling.
  • Minimize environmental risks and maximize plant reliability and availability through early detection and reliable asset protection, mitigation and management systems.
  • Providing access to accurate business performance data to identify and exploit short-term and long-term opportunities.


Honeywell solutions – Integrated technology

OneWireless Solutions helps websites deal with critical industry challenges in the areas of reliability, security, and process efficiency. Solutions include Honeywell’s distribution management system, wireless field instruments, mobile computing devices, wireless networks, advanced applications and facility management applications. Solutions also include Honeywell’s engineering services such as consulting, design, installation, commissioning and support that play a key role in providing a turnkey system experience that protects users ’wireless investments. If users have a problem, Honeywell has the solution.

Honeywell offers innovative thinking, world-class technology, state-of-the-art project management and a range of support services to meet customer needs throughout the gas supply chain. Backed by Honeywell’s global experience and a wide range of solutions that ensure superior performance, security and reliability, customers in over 100 countries around the world reduce risk and transform their business performance.

Honeywell Competency Management is designed to help industry staff improve their business and thus improve their business. By implementing this outcome-based portfolio, industrial companies can improve their operational performance; save time by managing competencies more effectively; and attract a younger, talented workforce versed in the latest common consumer technology.

Honeywell delivers its competency solutions in a way that suits your business. Choose from project-based projects to achieve defined training goals and outcomes, or use our outcome-based offering to deliver the changes you want to see in your operational performance indicators.

With an outcome-based solution, Honeywell will work with you to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with your business metrics. These KPIs are periodically assessed and evaluated throughout the program.

Honeywell Solutions – Advanced Software

Honeywell’s operational excellence solution enables management system and process operators to achieve the best operational results by seizing opportunities and responding to process changes before they become problems. From the control room to the out-of-place material movement, the solution drives the range by eliminating events caused by suboptimal management performance, increasing production and energy efficiency, enabling accurate monitoring of operations and more. Customers benefit from improved profitability, better decision making, reduced costs and safer, more reliable business.

Honeywell’s design process solution enables customers to create stable and dynamic plant design and management models, evaluate equipment performance and troubleshoot, evaluate and optimize process design, and solve optimization problems ranging from a single unit, linear, model-based to multi-unique, nonlinear, model – based optimization.

Honeywell’s history and analytics solution helps users collect, store, and reproduce historical and continuous plant data, analyze plant performance and plant disruptions, and access graphical key performance indicators (KPIs). Improves process performance to reduce overall cost of ownership.

Honeywell is the world’s largest supplier of manufacturing executive systems (MES) to the process industry. Its production management portfolio consists of MES applications that record production plans and schedules, communicate approved activities to operators, and enable efficient collection and verification of actual production data to improve collaboration between supply chain planning, production planning, and plant operation.

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