ENCAL 3000 controller

The EnCal 3000 controller is available as an option for a gas chromatograph. In addition to displaying incoming data with the EnCal 3000, it offers additional I / O connections such as analog signal outputs, digital contacts and serial connections. For metrological systems subject to PTB approval, the unit provides two-year data storage for two streams. The control unit can communicate with the EnCal 3000 via TCP / IP or via the RS485 serial interface. The device is powered by 24 V DC and is suitable for installation in a safe area.

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  • Show gas composition and calculated parameters
  • Data storage for two gas flows for two years of data (according to PTB)
  • Various I / O cards that provide analog and digital I / O signals
  • TCP / IP communication (modbus over TCP / IP)
  • RS-485 / RS-232 communication ports
  • DSfG protocol (German gas interface)
  • Hydrocarbon dew point calculation in combination with EnCal 3000 C9 analyzer