Regulatory measuring sets MRS

The metering and regulation set is primarily intended for domestic gas installations and serves to measure the consumption of quantity and regulate gas pressure, ensure consumer installation from the occurrence of too high or too low pressure, ie gas disappearance, filtering and dielectric disconnection of home installation from the distribution pipeline.

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Measurement and regulation sets are made in several sizes, and the basic one is IAS K G-4. IAS K is factory-fitted with brass fittings, factory-tested for leaks and ready for installation.

MRS K is supplied complete with dowels and screws for wall mounting and an electrostatically protected cabinet.

Flow meters are equipped with a temperature compensator to eliminate the measurement error, which occurs due to changes in gas temperature. The operating range of the temperature compensator is from -5ºC to + 35ºC, and in that range the temperatures are reduced to the measuring temperature of + 15ºC.

MRS K can be delivered with a flow meter with a magnetic card, ie. With subscription (IAS K PPM).

The main elements of the set are connected by a detachable threaded connection, which enables easy disassembly and assembly of individual elements for the purpose of regular, service and control inspections.

The set is installed on the inner or outer walls of the building, which is attached to a bracket that attaches to the wall and is protected by a sheet metal cabinet, which is also attached to the bracket. There are ventilation openings on the cabinet doors. The cabinet is closed with a lock with a triangular keyhole.

MRS K type * G-2,5; G-4; G-6; G-10
Input and output port 3/4”-3/4”; 3/4”-1”; 1”-1”
Inlet pressure 0,040 – 8,5 bar
Output pressure 9 – 140 mbar

* MRS K, Meter without magnetic card
* MRS K PPM, Magnetic Card Meter