Gas consumption meter

Modern meters for households with high accuracy of measurement and safety in work and without maintenance. You can download the technical documentation in pdf format.

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Household gas meters BK4, BK4T and BK2,5-4.PPM are modern meters for households with high accuracy of measurement and safety in operation and without maintenance. They are intended for measuring the consumption of natural gas, city gas, propane and butane, as well as for other non-aggressive gases.
Gas consumption meters work on the principle of free oscillation, so they have low friction forces and noise-free operation. Thanks to this principle and the membrane made of synthetic materials, it is possible to use a mechanical compensation element for gas consumption meters in the T version. By applying the K system (patented slider control) as well as by applying high quality materials, it ensures a high level of quality.
Gas consumption meters meet the conditions of external impermeability even at elevated temperatures. The test related to this requirement is carried out in accordance with DIN 3374. For this purpose, the gas consumption meter is heated to 650ºC for 15 minutes, and then kept at that temperature for 30 minutes – the tightness must be within strictly defined limits.
The gas reading dial is composed of eight drums with rims on the rim. The three drums in the red field are used for reading in liters, while the other five in the black field are used for reading in cubic meters. The magnetic clutch shaft transmits rotation to the dial via a pair of variable gears. In the case of calibration, such a pair of gears is selected that the dial shows the actual consumption.

For remote reading it is necessary to install a pulse sensor type INZ31. The pulse transmitter is retrofitted without damaging the seal.