Regulator series F-BH-2

The gas pressure regulator F-BH 2 is intended for fine flow regulation. You can download the technical documentation in pdf format.

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For precise regulation of gas pressure from full flow to low flow (pilot flow) UNIS FAGAS Sarajevo has produced a gas pressure regulator type F-BH 2. This regulator is certified by the Institute of Gas Engineering IGT in Sarajevo and the American Institute CSA / INTERNATIONAL and meets the standard:

ANSI Z 21.80 I CAN.6.22-M97
ANSI Z 21.18 I CAN 6.3.2000

The F-BH 2 controller can be supplied with a type “F” type valve stop with 1/8 NPT connection.
In case of membrane rupture, gas leakage is limited and within the limits defined by the ANSI standard. The F / BH 2 controller with integrated valve stop must be mounted in a horizontal position (valve facing up). Without the valve stop, the F / BH 2 controller can be installed in all positions. UNIS FAGAS also has a regulator type F-BH2R in its production program, which has a detachable membrane, so that when the outlet pressure increases over a certain size, it blows into the atmosphere.

Inlet pressure 2 PSI
Output pressure 7″ – 11″ WCr
Operating temperature -40ºC to + 90ºC
Connections NPT or Rp 1/2 “x 1/2”
Temperature range -20ºC to + 60ºC
Mass 0,4 kg
Gases Natural gas, LPG