The Absolute ENCODER index for diaphragm gas meters consists of a mechanical index in which 7 individual rollers are optically electronically scanned and read. The data is then continuously transmitted as a data word via a digital interface to the connected communication modules, ensuring continuous security of data transmission compared to conventional pulse transmission.

The operating energy of the diaphragm meter is derived from the gas pressure. Electric power is only required to read the Absolute CODER, and M-BUS makes it available in case of data transmission via cable. The M-BUS master is integrated in the electricity meter or data concentrator. No batteries are required for this application. In the case of radio data transmission, the battery in the communication module provides power. The “basic version” of the Absolute ENCODER AE3 can be retrofitted to cable or wireless communication modules even after network installation.

The consistent modular design of Absolute ENCODER minimizes the effort and cost of installation, commissioning and data provision and ensures investment security for future applications.

Scope of application

  • Residential, commercial and industrial gas meters (BK-G … A, G2,5 to G100)
  • Permitted gases: natural gas, city gas, propane, butane; first to third family gases according to DIN EN 437: 2003 (DVGW Code of Practice G260)

Key features

  • Robust battery-free design
  • Optical reading
  • IP 54
  • Plug & Play installation