Shut-off shut-off valve S200

The S200 shut-off valve protects gas installations from hazardous conditions under pressure and overpressure and is normally installed on the inlet side of the regulator.
The S200 is available with a visual and / or toggle valve position indicator.
Manual reset has an automatically integrated equalization valve that ensures safe reset procedures and eliminates expensive by-pass systems. The S200 can be mounted in any orientation. The unit can be specified using a reset mechanism on both sides of the body.
The 200 series slam shut-off valve is designed to meet the requirements of DIN3381.
S200 is approved for module B (from DVGW notified body no. 0085) and module D (from BSI notified body no. 0086) PED 97/23 / EC. It is classified as Category IV equipment and safety accessories.

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  • Sizes: 2 ”, 3” and 4 ”
  • Travel range OPSS: 25mbar – 8 bar
  • UPSS travel range: 5 mbar – 2.5 bar
  • Inlet pressure up to 19 bar
  • With visual indicator or micro switch sensor
  • Temperature range -20 ° C to + 80 ° C