Safety valve J48K

As part of a comprehensive range of safety equipment, Elster Jeavons produces two special versions of the proven J48 line. These are the J48K pressure relief valve and the J48KC creep safety valve. Both versions include quick-release spring adjustment mechanisms that provide easy access to spring adjustment and routine maintenance.
The J48K pressure relief valve protects against overpressure. The valve is fully automatic and resets when the pressure falls below a preset value.
The J48KC creep relief valve is usually mounted on sliding or modular units. Prevents pressure build-up on the downstream side during the zero demand period in case the main flow valves do not block. The units are dimensioned so that their maximum capacity is less than 1% of the full failure capacity of the sliding or modular unit (British Gas Specification BGC / PS / E26).
Both versions, which are designed for natural gases, liquefied gases and produced gases, can be installed in horizontal and vertical pipelines.

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  • Sizes: 1 “and 2”
  • Relief pressures 12 – 150 mbar
  • Limited capacity relief is also available (J48KC – 1 “only)
  • Automatic reset
  • Temperature range -20 ° C to + 70 ° C