Medium pressure regulator J125B

J125B controller series for service applications that require precise pressure control and high flow rates. The units are ideal for industrial pressure reduction, measuring stations and for distribution in the district. Available with 1½ ”and 2” screw connections, and 50 mm flange connections. All units are connected by an external pulse connector.
The special balanced design of the valve maintains the outlet pressure control over the entire inlet pressure range up to 8.6 bar, while the largest available orifice size is used, which gives a high flow rate.
The J125B can have a full or limited capacity safety valve. OPSS / UPSS can be supplied.
All units are suitable for natural gas, liquefied gas and produced gases.
Different versions of this controller meet the requirements of BGC / PS / E26 and IGE / TD / 10. The USSA unit is designed to meet the requirements of the BGES / V9 and DIN3381 standards.
SE of 1½ ”and 2” J125B is approved for module B + D PED 97/23 / EC by BSI (notified body no. 0086). It is classified as Category IV equipment and pressure equipment.

  • Sizes: 1 1/2 “, 2” and 50 mm

  • Inlet pressure up to 8.6 bar

  • Output pressure: 8.8 – 350 mbar

  • Balanced valve design

  • Available with OPSS, UPSS and safety valve

  • Temperature range -20 ° C to + 70 ° C