UNIS FAGAS designs, manufactures, installs on site and puts into operation gas stations: for all gaseous fluids, for all pressures, for all flows. You can download the technical documentation in pdf format.

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We install gas stations in masonry buildings, freestanding or with a protective house resistant to atmospheric influences.

All gas stations, regardless of capacity and pressure, are almost silent. This is especially important because it is possible to install high-capacity gas stations, in which an AFV regulator is installed, near populated areas or in the vicinity of industrial facilities.

Gas stations are usually composed of the following parts:

  • Gas filter
  • Gas pressure regulator
  • Gas volume meter

Gas stations are made entirely in our workshop and are transported to the assembly site as part of. After installation in the intended place, the connections for irradiation and re-testing for leaks are made, in order to determine that no damage or leaks occurred during transport.

Connections to the supply and exhaust gas pipeline are made after the completion of all works on the station.

  • tin protective box
  • pressure transmitter
  • temperature transmitter
  • odorizer
  • lighting